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Washington, D.C. [3/25] and free time in Baltimore [3/27]

Quidditch on the Mall:

Alec and Eric at Five Guys in Baltimore, looking extremely excited:

"This food is delicious"

Also, a stop for snacks at the port:


Quidditch on the National Mall [3/24]

Quoth Joseph Biden,

“It’s a big f***** deal”

Pictures to follow!

St. Lawrence [3/22]

The Near Abduction

Post: L. Yang

It was midnight on a dark and stormy night. We were on the road, headed to Chris Free’s house. All of sudden, a bright yellow-orange light began flashing in the distance. Alarmed, Chris, the driver, took a moment away from the road  to ask us if we saw this sight as well. “You’re not crazy,” we replied, “we see it too.” We waited in uncomfortable silence, shielding our eyes from the bright light. “It must be a UFO” became the only logical answer. The further we drove, the closer the light became, but try as we might, we could not reach it. “I’m going to get a seizure,” Chris cried in a moment of panic. We solemnly hoped not. Cringing with anticipation, we awaited the obvious abduction from the  alien who were aggressively flashing their presence to us. Finally, in a burst of speed, Chris passed the light. We all turned to stare at the anomaly. It seemed to be a car. (Disappoint, I know.) “Oh, it’s an industrial road repair car with pimped out lights,” Chris informed us. We survived. It was nice.

Night Out with McGill Hosts

Post: Mia Benjamin

After a scrumptious stir-fry supper, Middlebury merrily mingled with McGill, circled in the cozy kitchen. Soon after we headed out to celebrate most of our team’s new-found ability to legally drink alcohol. The pub, Maclean’s, introduced us to the wonders of the beer tower, and we enjoyed Canada’s own Alexander Keith’s (originally brewed by the statesman from Halifax, Nova Scotia, as a friendly Canadian at the bar informed us.)

However, a long day of traveling and spirited scrimmages of quidditch soon took their toll and we wearily headed home to curl up sardine style on the living room floor. We all awoke around 10 or 11 and are currently munching on breakfast of oatmeal, bagels and cereal (with milk from a bag!).

Canad[i]a and other shenanigans

Post: Rob LaMoy

We were able to pull out a 90-80 victory today behind some fierce opposition from the McGill Quidditch Club (which just gained official club status).  They have been great hosts so far and we’re going to spend the night hanging out in the city.  Tomorrow, we’re planning on walking around, going to the Biodome, &c.

On the way through the USA-Canada border, we were expecting to have our cargo van searched due to its questionable contents (hoops? brooms? Odd configurations of PVC piping?)  Nevertheless, one Chris Free was able to smooth talk the border guard with a combination of aptly chosen sentences and good looks.

Also, Enterprise Rent-a-Car decided to give us a Ford Flex with New Jersey plates for our road trip.  Chris apparently thought that this meant he could drive like a person from New Jersey, as he used an ambulance to help him advance through four lanes of traffic.  This story has received considerable attention.

The Canadians are deciding that they don’t like our Quidditch t-shirts; I can think of a few reasons for this.  First, they are $20 US Dollar; second, the back of the shirt says “sweeping the nation”, which refers exclusively to the United States.  Nevertheless, we sold three t-shirts, and pocketed the money for a delicious stir fry dinner.

Another Quidditch first today:  we had a player ejected by a joint McGill/Middlebury resolution.  This Quidditch bro got really into it and decided that he could slide tackle/talk back to the refs).

I have been assisted in this blog post by Mia, who has taken considerable interest in my grammar/syntax.  I appreciate her help, especially since Molson is so delicious.

First leg: Montreal [March 20/21]

Post: Rob LaMoy

We’ll be kicking off the first leg of our trip with our good friends from McGill University this upcoming Saturday and Sunday in Montreal.  Right now, we’re still finalizing some aspects of our trip.  We were originally planning to go Montreal straight to Syracuse, but we were unable to sort out some logistics with that club (namely, having a place to play/finding enough housing.) We’re going to play somewhere else in New York instead on March 22.

Over the course of the trip, I’m hoping that the other members of the Middlebury Quidditch Club will post their thoughts and any pictures that they might have taken.  We’re extremely privileged to have a chance to spread Quidditch to so many places, and we hope that you’ll enjoy following us during our travels.