The Near Abduction

Post: L. Yang

It was midnight on a dark and stormy night. We were on the road, headed to Chris Free’s house. All of sudden, a bright yellow-orange light began flashing in the distance. Alarmed, Chris, the driver, took a moment away from the road  to ask us if we saw this sight as well. “You’re not crazy,” we replied, “we see it too.” We waited in uncomfortable silence, shielding our eyes from the bright light. “It must be a UFO” became the only logical answer. The further we drove, the closer the light became, but try as we might, we could not reach it. “I’m going to get a seizure,” Chris cried in a moment of panic. We solemnly hoped not. Cringing with anticipation, we awaited the obvious abduction from the  alien who were aggressively flashing their presence to us. Finally, in a burst of speed, Chris passed the light. We all turned to stare at the anomaly. It seemed to be a car. (Disappoint, I know.) “Oh, it’s an industrial road repair car with pimped out lights,” Chris informed us. We survived. It was nice.


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