Night Out with McGill Hosts

Post: Mia Benjamin

After a scrumptious stir-fry supper, Middlebury merrily mingled with McGill, circled in the cozy kitchen. Soon after we headed out to celebrate most of our team’s new-found ability to legally drink alcohol. The pub, Maclean’s, introduced us to the wonders of the beer tower, and we enjoyed Canada’s own Alexander Keith’s (originally brewed by the statesman from Halifax, Nova Scotia, as a friendly Canadian at the bar informed us.)

However, a long day of traveling and spirited scrimmages of quidditch soon took their toll and we wearily headed home to curl up sardine style on the living room floor. We all awoke around 10 or 11 and are currently munching on breakfast of oatmeal, bagels and cereal (with milk from a bag!).


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